Write for Us

s4 - Write for UsWhether you are an owner-operator looking for new truck drivers to join your team and fleet, or a dedicated CDL or OTR truck driver with a passion for storytelling, we’d like you to join our team and share your stories with us.

What we Write About

We write about everything related to the truck driving industry. This includes everything from job listings, expected salaries, obtaining legal licenses, and everyday experiences on the road. We love hearing your stories and experiences, that other truck drivers or freight transportation companies could benefit from. Here’s a list of topics you can write about and submit to us:

  • Truck driving companies’ reviews
  • OTR truck driving
  • CDL truck driving
  • OTR truck driver’s licenses
  • CDL truck driver’s licenses
  • Truck driving salary expectations

If you have an interesting story to share, we’d love to read that too! Please bear in mind that we do have some expectations when we receive submissions. These include:

  1. Your article should be engaging and unique, written in your own voice and style.
  2. Articles should not have word counts of less than 1 000 words each.
  3. Articles submitted must be proofread and checked before submission.
  4. Only unique work that has not been published previously anywhere will be considered for publication.

If you have a story or insightful information to share, please submit your article to our editor who will review it. As soon as the review process is complete, the editor should contact you to let you know whether your submission has been successful.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and receiving your article – good luck!