10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Great Truck Driver for Your Freight Transportation Company

Hiring a new truck driver is no easy feat. The whole process of recruitment can be a grueling and time-consuming process. First, you have to advertise the position, then you have to go through all the applications to sift through and find those that look like the most probable candidates to make it through to the next round. Then, you have to interview them.

Even though the process can cause a bit of a headache to most, if you know exactly what you are looking for, it should be kind of fun to find the perfect match for your freight transportation company. It is, however, important to make sure that you hire someone with the correct skillset too, as you need the job to be done in the most professional and proficient way possible. In this post, we will walk you through the different reasons of why you need to hire a great truck driver to join your transportations company, and why it is worth the effort to ensure you do.

#1 Skills to Deliver

Running a freight transportation company can be very stressful. With a lot of deadlines to meet and calculations to make to ensure the goods are delivered on time and that the driver is capable of adapting to certain unforeseen obstacles to ensure you do not lose profit due to late delivery.

#2 Communication and Relations

A great driver will be able to have great and healthy relationships with their supervisors, fellow drivers,and other colleagues. Be sure to check that the truck driver you are considering to employ has sufficient communication skills and that there are no foreseeable problems that can creep up in the midst of an important delivery. Drivers should keep all members of the team updated as to how they are progressing and what their estimated arrival time is to ensure everyone is on the same page and not left in the dark. Having problematic work relationships with colleagues could cause a lot of problems for your company’s culture and morale too.

#3 Get the Job Done Professionally

If you hire the perfect candidate, you won’t have to worry about anything else – and this goes beyond experience and qualifications. A much-desired trait in today’s society is having the correct level of professionalism in the workspace. Your ideal candidate should be able to conduct themselves professionally when dealing with difficult customers, planning around difficult road environments, and dealing with theoffice staff.

#4 Reporting is Important

Your driver should be able and willing to report to supervisors on a regular basis, without being asked to do so. They should be familiar with all the relevant programs and technology employed by your freight transportation to keep their reports and logs up to date.

#5 Independent Worker

The most powerful and successful truck driver is an independent one, one you and your team can rely on getting the job done without being asked to do it. Be sure to ask relevant questions during the interview process that will give you some insight into whether the applicant will be able to work independently or not.

#6 Mechanical Knowledge Helps

Should there be any mechanical issues during the truck driver’s trip, he or she should be able to rectify the mistake with as little cost and effort to you as possible. This is an obvious plus and not a must, as most freight transportation companies will have insurance for breakage and accidents. The driver should, however, be able to manage the basics and follow instructions from your mechanics that are working at your dispatch.

#7 Multi-Tasking Makes a Difference

You are looking for an efficient and professional truck driver who is more than capable of multi-tasking and getting the job done without constant guidance or excuses.

#8 Offer Something in Return

Only the best truck drivers will be willing to join your company if you have something that will make them want to be a part of your team. Whether it is long periods at home, a generous annual bonus, or maybe just general employee benefits and rewards. By having these options available, you will attract some of the best candidates off the bat.

#9 Do the Homework

You’ll have to do some background checks before hiring a new truck driver. This is to ensure that the applicant has the relevant documentation to join your team and that they do not have any pending fines or records held against them, which could be problematic for you if you hire them without checking. Other things to check on is their health records, just to be sure that they comply with all the necessary regulatory bodies. It is also advisable to include a practical test when the applicant comes in for an interview, just to ensure that he or she is, in fact, capable of doing the job.

#10 Some More Homework

Once you have completed your background checks and tests, you’d be silly to leave out one crucial check: running a CSA Driver Profile. Even though you are able to ask the applicant upfront, you can apply for permission to run this check legally ahead of interviews and ensure that the drivers you call in for interviews are not prone to accidents, fines,and other negative elements.

We trust that you are now ready to pack the bull by its horns and start your recruiting process with less stress than ever before. Remember, employing the perfect candidate takes some time and effort from your side, but the rewards at the end of the day are worth it. The surer you are of your choice in thetruck driver, the fewer chances there will be of having unhealthy work relationships, near-misses, accidents and the like.

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