Ten Reasons Why You Should Consider Becoming a CDL or OTR Truck Driver

If you are on the fence about whether or not to become a licensed CDL or OTR truck driver, we should warn you that there are loads of reasons for you to get off the fence straight away. Maybe you are afraid that you won’t be earning that much. Or perhaps the long hours behind the wheel sounds a bit too hectic. It could also be that you are very family-oriented, and that spending so much time away from your loved ones is not something that you wish to do.

Whatever your hesitations, we’ll try our best to try and convince you otherwise. In this post we look at the ten best reasons why you should get off the fence and become an earning truck driver straight away. Let’s get started.


No More Office

If you are stuck in a rut in an office job you absolutely hate, what better way to break away from that than becoming a truck driver? Imagine the wide-open spaces you will be able to get lost in thought in, the independence you will feel of not having to answer to Bob in cubicle 8, and the freedom to get something done great without constant checkups and holdups.


Job Security

Even in these troubling times, you are guaranteed a space when you join the force of truck driving brothers and sisters in the United States. The truck driving and freight transportation industry is growing annually at a rapid pace, and drivers are always a big need as legislation requires only a certain number of hours to be spent on the road.


Get in Hassle-Free

That’s right. If you were under the impression that taking classes and getting your license was a long cumbersome process that takes months to undertake, you are wrong. You are able to study all the relevant material, take practical classes, get your learner’s and license within a matter of a couple of weeks. The process of earning money from the day you start out with your studies can be as little as 10 weeks. Check out this handy site for more info on how to get started.


Not Too Much Physical Strain

Even though you’ll be sitting behind the wheels for hours on end, those of you who are in the construction industry will know that after a whole day’s shift your body is sore and spent. This is not the case for truck drivers. Your time is (kind of) flexible, which means you do have time to stop for fuel and food and stretches, so you won’t be hurting your limbs at all.


Versatility and Freedom

Enjoy the everchanging scenery as you work your way through the country, savoring all the beautiful landscapes that you will drive through. You will also be acting independently, which brings a whole new level of freedom to your workspace. Constantly moving and driving from one town to the next also means you will be making a lot of stops and meeting new friends on a daily basis.



There is a strong bond between all the truck drivers, whether they are CDL or OTR, and you will be a part of that camaraderie. Without the office politics and all that noise, you will still be able to enjoy healthy friendships with fellow truck drivers without being sucked into meaningless politics. The majority of the companies out there also has a great company culture, where you will enjoy great friendships with colleagues and supervisors alike.


Enjoy Employee Benefits

A lot of the top paying OTR and CDL truck driving and freight companies in the USA has a lot of employee benefits to offer their truck drivers. These include handsome annual bonuses, incentives based on miles driven, health insurance packages and so much more. Be sure to check with the company you are applying at what benefits they are offering you.


Diverse Options

Look, if you have your license and you find that maybe truck driving is not the gig for you, that doesn’t mean you have to go back to the office or construction company you came from in the first place. When joining any trucking or freight transportation company, you will be able to join multiple departments or facets within the industry. This includes fleet management, dispatch, mechanical. Apart from that, you are also able to decide what type of truck you wish to drive and what type of cargo you wish to transport. This shakes things up a bit for sure!


Earn a Handsome Salary

The majority of freight transportation companies pay an hourly rate, with some also offering payment in the based on your mileage. Whichever way you look at it, you are able to work yourself up within a short amount of time and earn up to $55,000 annually. This is the number given for those only starting out in the industry, so you can only get better and earn more with time. Important to note that what you get paid will also greatly depend on your level of experience and ability, which can be tested when you apply for a new job.


For the Love of the Rig

OTR and CDL truck driving jobs are perfect for those with a deep love and passion for truck driving and driving in general. If you love taking long road trips, taking your time to get to your destination and are a conscious, patient driver, you should definitely sign up and start your truck driving course straight away. If, however you don’t enjoy taking things easy and just being in the car or any vehicle for a long period of time, steer clear!

We hope you have found the answer to your question and that you can now join a driving school with a clear conscious knowing that you have thought long and hard enough about whether or not it is a good idea to become a truck driver! If you would like some starting tips on how to get your license, be sure to read our article here.

Everything of the best in your new career as atruck driver, and from all of us at Symplex Courier, keep on trucking!

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