Join the Top 10 Truck Driving Forums in the USA That Will Make Your Connection Pool Much Bigger

If you are just starting out or considering becoming a truck driver, you are in luck. We have spent hours scouring the web to find all the best resources for you. These include forums and blogs by old hands in the trade that can help you grab the bull by the horns and get trucking in no-time.

The resources we have found therange from blogs and sites that cover trucking legislation in the United States, to forums where you will be kept up to date with all the latest job opportunities and developments in the industry. Hang on tight, here we go!


#1 Truck Law Blog

Be the first to know about any major changes regarding legislation in the truck driving industry with this informative blog that is managed by lawyers who is dedicated to transportation legislation in the whole of the United States. You are also able to get in touch with the firm governing the site if you have any legal questions or queries that need the attention of someone who is clued up with the law.


#2 TruckingBoards

This private membership forum will allow you to get in touch with all the truck driving members and have direct access to insightful information on the trucking industry. Once you have set up your profile and have become a member, you are able to join in the conversation with other truck drivers and keep abreast with thelatest news, job opportunities and other stories alike. A major plus about the site is that it is spam and ad-free.


#3 Truckie-D’s Blog

An open forum for entry level and experienced truck drivers alike, you will be entertained by reading Truckie D’s blog entries and stories from the road. The fact that the articles published here are true and relatable helps a lot, but also the fact that it comes from someone who has been in the truck driving business for a couple of years too. Join Truckie D’s blog and enjoy his ‘philosophical musings from the road’.


#4 Truckers Report

The Truckers Report is probably one of the biggest online truck driver forums in the United States. This fantastic resource will prove worthy no matter how popular with their massive range of topics you can get lost in. For those starting out, you will find handy information on how to get your license, for those looking for a new better paying job, they have the best company job listings, for those looking at ending the chapter and retiring, they have info for you too! Be sure to bookmark this one.


#5 Ask the Trucker

This blog and forum are run by an old hand, Allen Smith, who basically uses his blog to educate other people looking at joining the truck driving and OTR driving industry. As the name of the forum states, everyone reading and following the author is welcome to post questions they have concerning anything related to the truck driving industry – simply Ask Allen!


#6 NADA Commercial Truck Blog

Here you will gain access on information regarding all the latest events and happenings in the trucking industry, whether you are an owner-operator or just a truck driver, you will find this resource very handy and insightful indeed. Keep in the know of all the latest developments in the trucking industry while also bookmarking important dates for networking and connecting with fellow drivers.


#7 Trucking Info – Trailer Talk

This blog and forum are run by an experienced professional CDL truck driver, Tom Berg, who also happens to be an editor and a writer. Here you will find articles written on all topics related to the trucking industry and truck driving specifically. You might even be able to learn a thing or two from Tom who also writes about the latest developments in trucking technology and much more.


#8 Trucking Truth

The Trucking Truth is also created and managed by a trucking veteran who aims to educate those considering truck driving as a career and he uses the blog as a tool to share his wealth of knowledge and experience. With more than 15 years’ experience in the trucking industry, Brett Aquilla definitely has some insightful information to share. Look forward to handy info such as where and how to get your license, and which companies are best to hook up with for free company-sponsored CDL-training.


#9 Life as a Trucker

Life as a trucker is an open forum and blog that is used by truck drivers from all walks of life and all over the US looking to join in on the conversation. Whether you have an experience or story to share, perhaps some handy tips you would like to contribute, you name it, you are able to post it right here. The site also offers handy information for those looking to start a career as a truck driver or where to get CDL training.


#10 One Girl Trucking

Truck driving is definitely not only a career for men – meet Bethany, a female truck driver who wants to share her trucking experiences with other truckers and the world! On her blog, there is plenty of interesting content relating to trucking events in the US, tips on meal ideas and even health issues. You name it, she blogs about it.

And that’s a wrap! We hope you have enjoyed this entry and will find some inspirational stories or even jobs on some of these forums and blogs. If you are an experienced trucker with a knack for writing, why not take up the hobby of blogging yourself? Writing can be therapeutic while on the road, and what better way to connect with your fellow truck drivers than beginning an open source of information with regards to the latest in the truck driving industry or just a space to have some conversations?

A huge part of being a truck driver is the fact that you are almost always away from home and your loved ones. Having a steady and reliable network of friends will help you get through the hard times that you can come to face on the road.

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