Ten Top Rated Trucking and Freight Tracking Software of 2018 that Will Make You More Successful

If you are an owner-operator truck driver, or you own a larger freight transportation company, you will know the time and effort it takes to find the perfect software for your dispatch and transport services. Truth be told, the industry has grown magnificently, and the industry is basically flooded with all types of software that aims to make your life a bit easier.

These products are developed to take care of all the admin and difficult tracking operations to make sure your fleet is running on schedule and on track of things. It also ensures smooth communication and capturing on your end. But with so many software out there, which one should you choose, and which would be best for your freight transportation company’s needs that will enhance the lives of your employees and truck drivers?

In this post, we take a brief look at the top ten freight tracking software of 2018, which should give you a good idea of what to expect when purchasing any of them. Let’s get started.



With amazing features that will take care of your accounting, dispatch and safety and maintenance all in one space, there is nothing more you could want from trucking software. The company has a reliable track record which means they know what they are doing and sell a product used by many others. You are able to do invoicing, manage your fleet and dispatch all from one user-friendly platform. What’s more, is they don’t only cater for bigger truck driving companies, but for fleets of any size.


PCS Software

Manage your accounts, fleets and dispatch all from one handy interface with PCS Software’s fantastic product. Work on the go by downloading their app or just work in the office on your desktop. The convenience of this software puts it miles apart from some of the other products out there. But the best feature you can expect? The fact that you will be able to easily calculate your state fuel tax and usage.


Axon Trucking Software

Yes, you are able to manage your finances and accounting, your fleet and dispatch all in one space. Axon Trucking Software also has a very handy app available on Google Play which means your employees will be connected at all times. The software also automatically calculates fuel consumption and taxes accurately depending on the state it is purchased. Save some time and ultimately money on grueling administration tasks by up to 47%.



One of the things we like most about Trucking Office’s product is the fact that you are not bound by paperwork or contracts and you are able to enjoy the software on a pay-as-you-go basis. How’s that for convenience? For an all in one accounting, administration, dispatch, and maintenance tool, you will be getting everything you need in terms of administration services. You are also able to sign up for a 30-day free trial if you would like to see how it goes first.


McLeod Software

With separate houses to manage all your freight transportation company needs, you will be delighted to learn that McLeod Software basically does it all for you; everything from accounting, dispatch, freight management, straight through to customer relationship management. The company’s goals are to decrease your costs while increasing your productivity and they basically hit the nail right on the head with their amazing product.


Tailwind Transportation Software

Enjoy the joys of running abusiness smoothly with handy features such as placing orders and sending quotes, while tracking your fleet on-the-go. Tailwind Transportation Software has a host of benefits to offer your freight transportation company – from managing to account, to a steadfast system to manage your dispatch. Truck drivers are also able to download the app which allows them to send electronic proof of delivery through to the office.



With Prophesy, all your team members will be able to be on the same page with employee integrated communications on the software. You will also be able to track shipments and orders, manage dispatch, and take care of all your accounting from one space. How cool is that? The app they have available will allow you to see where exactly your drivers are with real-time feeds on GPS locations.


TMW Systems

TMW Systems makes a bold statement when they say you are able to increase your revenue and efficiency while decreasing your costs when you utilize their software. But can they back the statement up? Sure, they can. owner-operators are able to manage dispatch and accounting, bid management and fleet maintenance. All services are integrated but are also available to be used as separate entities.


Trinium Technologies

Even though Trinium Technologies only cater for Fuel Distributors and Intermodal trucking companies, they sure deserve a mention on our list of the very best freight transportation software packages. Offering users convenient services such as fleet and dispatch management, accounting, and safety compliance, you’ll be happy to know that they also offer users an app.


ITS Dispatch

ITS Dispatch is a fit all solution to all freight transportation companies’ software and tracking needs. With functionality that will assist you with themanagement of dispatch and accounting, fleet maintenance, IFTA reporting and load bidding there is really little left for you to do but sit back and let the software do the work!

We hope that you have found our list of the 10 best freight transportation and trucking software available on the market insightful and that you have a better idea of which one to start using in 2018. Remember, the goal of these software programs is to make your life easier, by increasing efficiency and decreasing costs, your profit will increase too.

In this day and age, the efficiency by which freight transportation companies go to work makes a very big difference to customer relationships. If you are unable to deliver and keep the customer satisfiedwith little or no communication or delayed notifications, you may as well kiss your company and your truck driving job goodbye. Do your homework and make sure you get software that fits your company’s identity and values like a glove. Happy hunting!

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