Top 5 Dos and Don’ts for Quitting Your Truck Driving Job Gracefully and Will Make Sure You Get an Outstanding Reference

Are you thinking of leaving your current carrier for a bigger and brighter future at a top truck driving company in the new year? Handing in a resignation is not always an easy task to do, especially when it is done under hasty and emotional circumstances. Always remember that a place of work calls for professional conduct, in each and every aspect of your work. Whether you are delivering goods or reporting to dispatch, you should always be friendly and professional no matter how bad your day is.

The same goes for handing in your resignation. If you have been unhappy with your job, or even if you feel that you have been mistreated by any of your colleagues, there is no need to make any rash outbursts or act out. Burning bridges is never a winning strategy, no matter where you go in life, and it is always advisable to take your leave in the most positive way possible. In this post, we look at how you can ensure you leave your current truck driving job on good terms and get a fantastic reference letter at the same time by following these 5 do and don’ts tips on resigning.

Let’s get started with things you should NOT do

  1. Refrain from pitching up at dispatch with a truckload of things you were supposed and expected to deliver. No matter how tough it gets out there, if you are not going to do what is expected of you, you might just end up with a reputation of insubordinance.
  2. Don’t take the cowards way out and quietly disappear. If you think this will make your life easier, you’ve got it wrong. A couple of minutes of awkwardness is much easier to take than a very bad track record when applying for a new job.
  3. Don’t just up and run away, leaving the truck you were issued with wherever you feel like as this may be seen as abandonment. The majority of carriers in the USA will frown upon issues and cases of abandonment and you may struggle to find a new employer once word gets out that you were irresponsible with the carrier you previously worked for theproperty.
  4. Do not, under any circumstances, have a screaming battle or anything similar to that with any of your supervisors before quitting your job. Remember, not only your current supervisors and boss will be subject to witnessing the scene, but also other colleagues and employees. Don’t do unnecessary harm to your image, as this may cause you difficulties in finding a new job.
  5. Do not use the truck you were issued with for any personal purposes and up the mileage before leaving your current job. Ask permission from your supervisors if you wish to have a final ride before leaving, as this is the right thing to do.

Now that you know what you should avoid doing, let’s take a look at what the best way is for you to hand in your resignation and leave your current truck driving company.

  1. Make sure the truck is nice and clean before leaving – if you do this correctly you will also insist on an inspection and certificate just to do your part. It would be bad taste to return the truck with noticeable damages.
  2. Be sure to hand in any stationery or other paraphernalia received from your company – you don’t want them to think you are a thief who steals company property!
  3. Return the truck you were issued with to the agreed-upon terminal on time, which will ensure that you won’t be charged with abandonment.
  4. Be sure that you don’t owe the truck driving company anything, whether it is funded still loaded on a fuel card or anything to that effect. Remember, any discrepancies or praises for that matter will be loaded for all the world to see on the DAC.
  5. Do make sure to greet all staff members before leaving, and thank your boss for the opportunity you were given while working with the company. Even if you don’t agree with it or don’t feel like it, it is considered the right thing to do. Always remember, it is and always will be a job and a place of work where you cannot allow your emotions to get in the way.

Remember that leaving with an open head held high makes a big difference. No matter how emotional you may feel, or how much you feel the company owes you, your reputation is on the line. If you would consider it, it might be a good idea to have a talk with your boss when you resign about writing a reference letter. Keep in mind that if you had been a problem worker or driver, the reference you can expect might be less than favorable.

When starting your new job, keep all of these things in mind. How you act and work can be documented and held against you when you next decide to leave. Make sure you do what you can do your job the best you can, and everything should be fine. Cultivate healthy relationships with your supervisors and fellow drivers and take care of the property of the carrier you are working for as if it were your own.

A great reference letter will get you everywhere and open the doors of possibilities at bigger and better companies, so make sure the impression you leave all your colleagues and boss with is a lasting and positive one.

Bonus tip: Be sure that you have a job lined up before giving notice at your current place of employment. The crossover process can be tricky and you might just end up without a paycheck for a longer period than you thought. If you have some funds saved up, that is fine, otherwise, be sure you will be able to survive without getting paid for anything up to one month.

We hope that you have found this quick do and don’ts guide handy and that you will experience only success and happiness in your truck driving endeavors in 2018. Everything of the best from all of us at Symplex Courier.

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