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Welcome to Symplex Courier – the home of all things trucker! We are passionate about freight services, and here you will be treated to only the best in Trucking, OTR Driving, and trucking company news.

Our site has very humble beginnings as our founder, Charles Evans, noticed a need for an insightful trucking platform on the web. A resource that could bring the band of trucker brothers together to share all the latest developments in the industry, the top paying and top-rated truck driving companies to work for, all the latest developments in OTR and CDL truck driving and so much more. With Symplex Courier, Charles envisioned an answer above all the available Trucker Forums on the web, a single source for all truck drivers in the whole country to share stories and valuable information with regards to jobs and changes in the world of truck driving.

Here you will find a wealth of information, from how to start looking for a top-notch CDL or OTR truck driving job, to applying for your first CDL truck driver’s license. Yes, we cover it all here at Symplex Courier. We also cover topics such as the minimum and maximum amounts truck drivers earn and what salary you can expect depending on your experience.

We hope you find our website insightful and that you will be able to join in on the conversation freely. In fact, we invite you to engage with us, whether you need more info or have a unique story you wish to share with your brothers on the road. You can either get in touch with one of our team members directly or submit your own truck driving story to be considered for publishing on our site.